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Global organic agricultural land has more than doubled since 2000, and is currently at least 37.2 mi

"The land devoted to organic agriculture worldwide has increased over the past decade from 15.8 million hectares to 37.2 million hectares exhibiting a compounding rate of growth of 8.9% per annum."

The decadal increase in organic hectares ranges from Australia’s gain of 4.3 million organic hectares and China’s gain of 1.9 million organic hectares through to Costa Rica’s decrease of 1549 organic hectares."

China and India are the only countries that rank in the top ten countries for both of the indices of organics growth, namely, the decadal organic hectares increase and the decadal organic hectares-multiplier."

Source: John Paull, "The Uptake of Organic Agriculture: A Decade of Worldwide Development," Journal of Social and Development Sciences, no. 3 (2011): 111–120, accessed April 1, 2014,

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