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The food system contributes about half of human caused GHG emissions

15-20% processing, transport, packaging, retail (EU study ways 1/4 of all transport is food) 8 -10 is processing and packagin.15-18 percent from land-use change/deforestation (agriculture accounts for 70 to 90% of deforestation)11-15 % from agriculture (chem fertilizers, machinery using oil, methane from cafos)2-4 % wasteTOTAL 43 - 57 p1 ANOTHER ANGLE: 25 TO 40% OF CURRENT excess C02 in the atmosphere comes from destruction of soils and its organic matter . p 3Loss of organic matter. in 20th century cultivated soils have lost from 30 to 75% of organic matterlost from pastures and prairies up to 50%thE FOLLOWING CHANGES could cut GHG emissions in half in 50 years. p51. [using basic agro ecological practices. MY WORDING]..Organic matter could be restored to prehistoric levels within 50 years. could "offset between 24-30% of current global annual GHG emissions."2. shift to local markets to reduce transport3. reintegration of livestock and farmng (no more CAFOS)4. stoppinng land clearing and deforestation

Food and Climate Change, The Forgotten Link, Against the Grain, September 2011

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