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73% of poll respondents agree limits on money to super PACs would lessen corruption (and other publi

Poll Data from a 2012 Report by the Brennan Center:

"73% of respondents agreed that 'there would be less corruption if there were limits on how much could be given to Super PACs.' (14% disagreed, 75% Rep, 78% Dem agreed)"

"More than two-thirds of all respondents (68%) — including 71% of Democrats and Republicans--agreed that a company that spent $100,000 to help elect a member of Congress could successfully pressure him or her to change a vote on proposed legislation."

Gallup Poll Data:

"Perceived widespread corruption throughout the government: 2006: 59% 2008: 72% 2009: 66% 2010: 75% 2014: 79%"

"National Survey: Super PACs, Corruption, and Democracy," Brennan Center for Justice, April 24, 2012, accessed October 14, 2015,

Jon Clifton, "Americans Less Satisfied With Freedom," Gallup, July 1, 2014, Accessed Oct. 14, 2015,

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