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The EU could sequester a third of its carbon emissions by using agroforestry to its technical potent

“Principle results: Agricultural practices like agroforestry, introducing hedges, low and no tillage and cover crops have an important potential to increase carbon sequestration. The total technical potential in the EU-27 is estimated to be 1566 million tonnes CO2-equivalent per year. This corresponds to 37% of all CO2-equivalent emissions in the EU in 2007. The introduction of agroforestry is the measure with the highest potential, i.e. 90% of the potential of the measures studied.”

Calculation: 0.9 x 0.37 = 0.333 or 33.3% -- agroforestry represents one third of this potential.

Joris Aertsens, Leo De Nocker, and Anne Gobin,"Valuing the carbon sequestration potential for European agriculture," Land Use Policy, 31 (2013): 584, accessed June 4, 2014,

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